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UnObtanium Bazaar collects, curates and consigns hard to find items from all over time and space for those who travel through imagination for work or pleasure. Most of our offerings are artisan made, one-of-a-kind artwork or artifacts, or increasingly rare relics from bygone ages. 

We occasionally appear at faires or conventions or similar gatherings, but this site is our permanent gallery. Always open. Never staffed. Peruse without pressure. Buy without burden. We are merchants. It is our mission to help you get what you want. 

Offerings on this site appear and disappear without notice, subject to availability and the need to preserve the current continuity as far as practical. Check back here often.  As any time-traveler can tell you, the only constant is change. 

But we will securely accept your credit card - so monetary change will not be an issue. 

We can create custom costumes and garb. All we need is a photo to get the process started. Contact us for a quote!

If you are in or around the Phoenix area, we can do alterations (including adding pockets!). Contact us for a quote. 


Due to our ongoing consent decree with the Temporal Authority, we cannot offer for sale any item derived from this timeline's actual future. Any such items offered are representative simulations only. 

Use of magic in any form is at the buyer's sole risk. We offer no guarantees of magic, real or implied, in any way. 


CZ_WWC (1).jpg

Cheryl Zierman


Cheryl Zierman has been  A costume designer and seamstress for 30 plus years,  turning the passion to wear fanciful fashions into a career to create for live action historical societies and theater.   She also makes custom fitted cosplay, anime, sci-fi , steampunk or pirate clothing that can be worn ALL DAY.  Her work has been seen on the Space Station, in Las Vegas Reviews , Renaissance Faires and Strip Clubs and many points in between. 

Capt Blackheart.jpg

Captain Blackheart


A pirate and an artist whose ship, the Sassy Sissy, has been lost in time and space since a misadventure in the Bermuda Triangle. Unlike some more famous time machines, the hold of the Sassy Sissy is not infinite, and the Captain shares his art and collectables with us here, from time to time. 


[AKA Patrick Carrabis, an artist and performer currently based in Las Vegas.]

TP photo.jpg

Tony Padegimas


Tony is a writer / artist/ designer/producer based in Phoenix. He does what needs doing. 


His antics can be followed at

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