My name is Ariza and I am made from Pinyon Pine from the Coconino National Forest, collected by Kelly Canyon road. My base was collected in the late winter of 2020. Pine is good for a variety of things and used in a variety of rituals. It represents rebirth, optimism, inner strength, and surviving hardships, so my magick will work best for the optimistic user that survives everything in their path. My magick will also thrive in the Spring. My stone was found in the West Central Phoenix area of Maricopa county, so I have the strength of those determined to thrive in the desert. You may also be drawn to me if you find yourself bonded with the fire element. Since my stone is red, I will also work great with passionate magick, and my magic will be powerful. Due to my size, I may be good for a younger user. (I am a rather short wand with a short brown, cord handle laced with black and clear beads. I have these same beads up my shaft, and a red stone wrapped in red/copper wire near my top.)

Ariza - wand

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  • This is a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind creation.