My name is Jadid and I am made form Pinyon Pine from the Coconino National Forest, collected by Kelly Canyon Road. My base was collected in late winter of 2020. Pine is good for rebirth, optimism, inner strength, and surviving hardships, so my magick will work best for spells of rebirth and optimism and will thrive in the Spring. My stone has been sent to me by the gods, so its origin is lost. If you find yourself drawn to me your magick may have divine purpose. My magick may work best in honor of Hathor, goddess of all gods and cows. (I am a longer, slightly curved wand with an oreo- ice-cream looking stone wrapped in green twine. I have a yellow handle, and pink flowers on my upper 70%.)

Jadid - wand

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  • This is a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind creation.